Unlimited Email Address With Gmail Account


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Unlimited Email Address With Gmail Account

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In this short article, I will discuss how can we get unlimited email addresses with a single Gmail account.

Some of you might be using this feature already but I got to know about this recently so I thought of sharing.

Many times we create multiple email accounts to sign up on websites, to avail free services or for testing purpose. We have some services like temp-mail but those are accessible to the public so we can't use them for personal accounts.

If you have a Gmail account then you have access to unlimited email addresses using that one account.


Let say your Gmail address is username@gmail.com.

Then you can use your Gmail address like this too.

  • username+1@gmail.com
  • username+string@gmail.com

Just add any random string or number followed by a + sign to your Gmail username.

It will deliver all the emails of these Gmail addresses to your primary Gmail address, so no need to worry about handling multiple accounts and you can use your mail address on any website as they will treat it as a different mail address.

Use Case

Suppose you are creating a banking account, then you can use username+bank@gmail.com. Now you can filter your emails easily by using this Gmail address.

It is also useful to track down any compromised accounts and spammers.

Some websites do not accept this format of mail address or they just trim it down.

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